Mascot Design | Nanyang Polytechnic School of Engineering

Pigologist was commissioned by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering, to design a mascot.

Client: Nanyang Polytechnic School of Engineering
Services: Illustration, Branding, Character Designs, Stickers, Mascot Style Guide

My Proposed Idea:

The Nanyang Polytechnic School of Engineering’s Mascot draws inspiration from both the bean and artificial intelligence. The Mascot’s took shape of the bean, symbolizing birth and possibilities, and the generation of ideas and innovations from youth. With a futuristic design, the mascot embodies potent features akin to artificial intelliegence. It’s face screen displays a range of expressive and endearing emotions, cherished by millennials. Fueled by curiosity, the mascot constantly generates innovative creations and solutions, serving as an encouraging friend to the youth in nurturing their ideas.


  • Mascot Style Guide
  • Turntable
  • Mascot Variables (each representing each sub-school)
  • Chat Emoticons (Mascot in poses and expressions)