Mascot Design + Animation Series | NSTC

Client: Nee Soon Town Council
Services: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Character Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, Animation Production, Post production, Project Management, Conceptualization

01. Brief + Proposal

Commissioned by Nee Soon Town Council to design a pair of Mascots and a serie of short online animations. 

I engaged in brainstorming sessions with the client to comprehend the mascots’ purposes and identify the target audiences. Exploring the town’s history, which was once a pineapple farm, I suggested a pineapple mascot. Additionally, considering the past presence of monkeys, I proposed a white ape as another mascot. The contrasting shapes, sizes and lively expressions of these characters make them delightful for engagement.

02. Short animation series

To effectively disseminate awareness and messages to town residents, nothing surpasses the impact of animations. These concise online series are both short and easily comprehensible. Devoid of dialogues, they reply on murmurs and actions, making them universally accessible for people of all races.

03. Mascots March in Town and merchandise giveaway.

Nana and Squishy, the mascots, frequently participate in town events, actively interacting with residents. Miniature versions of these mascots have been  transformed into plushies and small merchandise, serving as giveaways to further boost their presence in the town.


Both mascots garnered the likes and attention from several editors in design book publications, earning them a few features, one of them SP Sendpoints’ Book of Mascot Design.