Illustration and Brochure Design | NUH

National University Hospital


A new serie of illustrated brochures for healthcare, NUH

Crafting a set of refreshing new brochures for NUH National University Hospital of Singapore.

Client: NUH National University Hospital
Date: July 29, 2020
Services: Illustration, Layout Design, Art Direction, Character Design



The client desired a redesign of their existing brochures, aiming to captivate patrons and encourage them to pick up a copy. The goal is to enhance awareness about common illnesses in young children and provide guidance on appropriate actions when encountered.

Design + Challenge + Overcome

The Challenge and how it’s overcome

The illustrations pose certain challenges; they should depict sick children without causing fear for both children and parents.

The proposed redesign idea aims to attract patrons by employing vibrant, soft pastel colors. We suggest using multiple colors, assigning each color to a specific brochure. When these brochures are assembled, they form a rainbow of colors.