Gigantic Hopscotch Illustrations | CASESTUDY

Case Study

Client: National Arts Council
Services: Illustration, Art Direction, Character Design, Project Management

01. Brief

The National Arts Council commissioned Pigologist for this project. The goal was to collaborate with local poets, writers, or songwriters.

I invited two local poets to allow us to use their poems. One of which is a famous singer-songwriter, Liang Wern Fook. I drew inspirations from their poems and illustrated the two following hopscotch illustrations. The aim is to bring joy to passersby and reignite their appreciation for local poetry and literature through visual art.

02. Process

Brainstorming begins. I also brought in two illustrator friends to illustrate two additional hopscotch illustrations. Our discussion is mainly on how we could ensure accurate representation of the poems in our illustrations, with respect. After all ideas have been sketched out, I submitted our sketches for approval to the National Arts Council. Upon approval, we then start the renderings in Adobe Illustrator. 

03. Design + Challenges

The illustrations must conform to the 3-meter width of the measured walkway. We need to layout the peoms and illustrations within the 15-meter length for each hopscotch, prioritizing not just consistent palatte use , and clear typography and thorough word checks.

Premium 3M outdoor stickers have been selected for the use of these large printings of hopscotch. Pigologist manages this project from start to finish with support from the National Arts Council. Huge shutout to NAC!